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Past volunteers at Goats with the Wind farm include Shaolin and Christian monks, performance poets, Olympic football coaches and the under 17 Israeli ping-pong champion. There is also a tradition that Mick Jagger invented the name for his rock group whilst volunteering at the farm and carrying stones for Amnon.

Volunteering is unpaid but we can provide you with simple accommodation and meals with the family. Work can consist of anything from cleaning, gardening, feeding the animals, milking the goats, decorating the farm with miniature paintings, carpentry, collecting rocks, building walls and many other things. Volunteers don't need any particular skills except to be willing to work hard. The minimum stay is one month.

Please phone Daliah a week before you would like to arrive and if there is space you are more than welcome. If you are thinking of coming in a few months time I'm afraid we cannot reserve places. Sometimes we have a lot of volunteers and there is no way of knowing if we will have enough room.

More photos of voluntary work at the farm.

Volunteers drinking chai tea at Goats with the Wind farm – Galilee, Israel. Photography by Tal Gluck.