Goats with the Wind

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after Hamoville Junction turn right onto route 784 at Yiftahe'el Junction in the direction of Hanaton and Kafr Manda. Keep going straight along this winding road for roughly half an hour until you reach Yodfat Junction. At Yodfat Junction turn right onto route 7955 in the direction of Yodfat and Hararit. After 1.5 km turn right towards Yodfat, and soon after turn left in the direction of Tel Yodfat (it is a paved road). After 600 meters turn left onto a dirt road (indicated by a 'Goats with the Wind' sign). If you arrive at Tel Yodfat you must have gone too far. The dirt road is manageable for all cars. Continue on this path for 1 km. On your way you will pass a gate featuring two sitting goats (please close this gate after you pass whether or not it was open beforehand). After the gate continue on the road and a minute later Goats with the Wind farm will be on your right. Please park and walk down the stairs.

Goats with the Wind organic goat cheese farm & restaurant - Galilee, Israel. Photography by Tal Gluck.